What does an AWS Hero do?

As we know, the AWS Heroes are experts in the technology, they spend their time and effort educating others on the AWS services, contribute as mentors, users, creators, writers, and speakers. The impact the overall AWS ecosystem by providing quality content to the AWS community across the globe. They can be involved in the following activities:

  • Speaking at the tech conferences to share their knowledge and help the wider audience understand and grow in AWS services.
  • Creating tutorials for people to educate them.
  • Write blogs, articles, and books to share their experience.
  • Answer the questions in AWS forums and other portals such as stack overflow.
  • They also contribute to running AWS-related events, for example, user groups, hackathons, workshops, AWS Community Day events, etc.
  • Develop and share projects on sites like GitHub, so that others could learn from them.

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